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We specialize in selling products that are free from hormone disrupting chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and PFAS. 

Brian Case, the founder of Purely Family & Teddy Case
Brian Case, the founder of Purely Family, and his little boy Teddy.

I founded Purely Family because of my little boy, Teddy. 

Teddy had been in the womb for 37 weeks when I got a call that no dad wants to get. My pregnant wife had preeclampsia, the doctors needed to induce, and the boy was in trouble. I was at a work conference outside the state when I got the call. So I caught the next flight home, and rushed back as fast as I could. 

What happened next was a scary three days. Inducing labor was very hard on my wife. She had to soldier through 48 hours without food or sleep, and then two and a half hours of active labor. I was terrified for my boy and my wife the whole time. But she managed to do it.

Teddy was born weighing just 5 lbs, 2 oz. He was born with some complications, but he was mostly healthy. We were lucky. 

New born teddy
Teddy Case, at 3 days old.

I knew nothing about hormone disrupting chemicals at the time. It was only afterwards, when I started trying to figure out why it happened, that I learned about them. I learned they can cause preeclampsia, low birth weight, and birth complications.

In fact, the problems didn’t stop there, hormone disrupting chemicals can cause a whole lifetime of health problems for kids. There were even some scientists who believed they could threaten humanities’ ability to have kids someday.

So I did what anyone would do, I tried to get that nasty stuff out of my house. But there was just one problem: I couldn’t. It was everywhere. It was in plastics, in takeout, in cosmetics, shampoos, lotions, and all over kid’s products.

It was very hard to tell what was contaminated and what wasn’t. It was very hard finding safe alternatives.

Still, I kept going. After exhausting research I figured out what was toxic, bought safe alternatives, and cleaned up my home.

two year old Teddy

Today, Teddy is a thriving and healthy boy. He’s back up to a healthy weight and he’s very tall for this age. We love him more than anything. 

I still wish I could tell my past self about hormone disrupting chemicals though. Maybe things would’ve been different. Maybe we wouldn’t have had to overcome such a rocky start to our family. 

That’s why I created Purely Family. I want to let the world know there's way more danger in plastic and 'fragrance' than most people realize. All parents deserve to know.

And if you decide you want this stuff far away from your family, then I want to make that easy for you. The responsible choice shouldn’t be so hard to make. Everyone deserves that chance.

  • Brian Case, Founder of Purely Family

Brian, Romina, and Teddy