Hormone Disrupting Chemicals Newsletter: 03/28/22

In this newsletter we summarize all the recent news about hormone disrupting chemicals like BPA, phthalates, PFAS, and microplastics.

The highlights:

Scientists found micro-plastics in the blood of people for the first time.

Background: This news is disturbing, but not really a surprise. Scientists have found micro-plastics in the placenta and in babies digestive system before. Micro-plastics are in all of us. Scientists are still trying to figure out the full health impact of that, but it's almost certainly not good.

Consumer Reports found toxic PFAS in Fast Food Wrappers

Background: Scientists have found toxic chemicals like phthalates and PFAS in fast food many times, but publication from a prominent source like Consumer Reports got people talking.

BPA linked to asthma in school-age girls.

Background: a new study added to the existing evidence that links hormone disrupting chemicals to asthma in children.

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