Hormone Disrupting Chemicals Newsletter: 04/11/22

Hormone Disrupting Chemicals Newsletter: 04/11/22

In this newsletter we summarize all the recent news about hormone disrupting chemicals like BPA, phthalates, PFAS, and microplastics.

The highlights:

Why you can't trust the government to protect you from hormone disrupting chemicals

Background: there were a number of reports this week detailing dysfunction and corruption in the government agencies that should be protecting us against dangerous hormone disrupting chemicals. Bottom line: we're on our own.

Chemical in Plastic May Be Linked to Obesity, Recent Study Finds

Background: there has been a lot of research on "Obesogens", chemicals that slow down our metabolism and causes to gain weight. Some interesting new studies came out this week that add to the evidence that plastic is a surprising culprit behind modern weight gain.

Six tips to avoid phthalates after study highlights health harms, billion-dollar costs

Background: this short article can give you some extremely valuable tips on how to avoid phthalates, a testosterone lowering chemicals that's very toxic for men and boys.

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