Hormone Disrupting Chemicals Newsletter: 04/04/22

Hormone Disrupting Chemicals Newsletter: 04/04/22

In this newsletter we summarize all the recent news about hormone disrupting chemicals like BPA, phthalates, PFAS, and microplastics.

The highlights:

Kids cancer risk increases when exposed to Phthalates, "the everywhere chemical".

Background: this news is a shock. Phthalates have strong links to IQ loss and reproductive toxicity in men and boys, but a link to cancer is new.

Recycled Plastic Bottles Are Good for the Planet, Terrible for Human Health, Study Finds

Background: when plastic breaks down it starts leaking the chemicals its made of, some of which are dangerous. A study found that recylced plastic leaks a very large amount of

Farmers facing financial ruin due to PFAS pollution on their land

Background: PFAS is a toxic "forever chemical" that stays in an environment. That's harsh for people who raise crops or livestock on their land, because they lose their livelihood once their land gets polluted with PFAS, often for reasons completely out of their control.

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