Can You Microwave Styrofoam?

A styrofoam container with food inside it

No, don’t do that

Most styrofoam will leak styrene when you heat it up. Styrene is toxic, it can give you headaches, dizziness, and make you feel confused and tired. So you don't want to eat it. Some high quality styrofoam can be microwave safe, but if you just have some random takeout box it is probably not safe

Glass and ceramic are both safe. A lot of kitchen bowls, plates, and containers are made out of glass or ceramic. Paper plates and towels are fine too

Stay away from plastic. Plastic leaks something nasty called ‘endocrine disrupting chemicals’ when you microwave it. That’s true even of ‘microwave safe’ plastic. 'Microwave safe' just means the plastic won’t melt, but it still leaks some of the plastic into your food when it gets hot enough.

Safe munching friends

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