Can You Microwave Glass?

A man blowing glass

Yes, most of the time

Glass can deal with very high heat, making it great for microwaves. Unlike plastic, heating glass doesn’t leak nasty chemicals into your food. Glass also absorbs less heat than ceramic or plastic, warming your food but not scorching your hands. 

To make 100% sure your glass is safe to microwave, here’s what you should check

  • Make sure it’s just glass. For example, Mason jars come with aluminum lids and aluminum is NOT SAFE to microwave. Is the glass colored, have designs, or look like it has anything in it that’s not glass? Best to be safe and not microwave it.
  • Don’t microwave very cold glass. Quick temperature changes can cause glass to shatter. If you’re taking glass out from deep in the refrigerator or freezer, give it some time to warm up. If you don’t want to do that, transfer your food to a room temperature container.
  • Does it say 'microwave safe'? If it does, you’re golden.
  • How thick is it? The bigger the better.
  • Is it supposed to hold hot things? If it’s made for holding coffee, tea, or food, you’re probably good. If it’s just for holding water, it’s probably best to be safe and not microwave it. 

Happy heating!

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