Are you in danger from endocrine disrupting chemicals?

Are you in danger from endocrine disrupting chemicals?

We can give you a personalized risk assessment about how much danger you and your family might be in from endocrine disrupting chemicals, based on your family and your lifestyle.

What are 'endocrine disrupting chemicals'? Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are a group of chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and PFAS. They're in a ton of consumer products and they interfere with the bodies' natural balance of hormones, causing a lot of health problems to vulnerable people.

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Not everyone is in equal danger from endocrine disrupting chemicals. This score represents if your family is in more or less danger based on what your family looks like.

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    This represents how often your lifestyle will expose you to endocrine disrupting chemicals.

      In Danger of What?

      We talked about how kids are 'in danger' from endocrine disrupting chemicals. Specifically, they're in danger of things like infertility, small or abnormal genitals, asthma or allergies, obesity, low IQ, and behavioral disorders like ADHD. Endocrine disrupting chemicals don't hurt adults as much, but they do pose health risks for adults too.

      We're sorry if the quiz results have brought you stressful news, but you can take some easy steps to keep your family safe.

      If you're skeptical you can review our scientific sources. The list of studies on the dangers of endocrine disrupting chemicals is large and constantly growing.

      If you'd like to ask us questions about your quiz results or endocrine disrupting chemicals please reach out to us on Facebook. Sometimes we're a bit slow to respond, but we will respond to you. We're happy to give you advice if you need it.

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